Saturday, November 20, 2010

getting here

That's a long-ass flight. Sure, you know going in that it's a long flight - 15.5 hours, long flight. Got it. But when you've already been sitting there for 8 hours and you're just halfway there, when you've already had a couple of meals, watched a couple of movies, and you're just halfway there, when the lack of padding on the Cathay Pacific buckets seats is killing your butt bones....even though you've got plenty of your own padding!...and you're only halfway there, it's a long flight. Here's a happier view from the beginning of the flight:


 Chinese version above, English below

 I thought that looked like a cloud farm. Neat rows....never mind.

 The first meal - breakfast, obviously. Not bad, relatively speaking.

Before we take off - 
Hong Kong was shrouded in fog, so we only saw the giant mountains as hulking dark masses. Maybe on the way home it'll be clearer and we can get a good view. The best part of the getting-here is that we're here. On to the rest!

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